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    Rocky Mountain PBS Water Week: Feb 25 - 28

    “Water Week” features unique, historical and informational programming on Rocky Mountain PBS, along with digital resources, and events in communities across Colorado designed to connect experts, environmentalists and businesses to all who see water as an essential part of Colorado’s past and its future. 

    Colorado’s statewide water plan prescribes that conversations about water play a role in shaping our shared future in the state and in the broader West. We asked over 40 water experts to provide feedback to RMPBS about how public media can engage those who are not otherwise actively involved in the topic, as well as how best to expand the number of perspectives represented within conversations about Western Water. 

    Whether or not you can attend one of the eight events occurring throughout the state for Water Week, RMPBS invites you to complete  on Coloradan's knowledge and attitudes relating to water (survey submissions will be accepted until March 4th). We will be sharing this information with survey participants and partner organizations in order to support robust and diverse community dialogues going forward. 

    RMPBS wishes to thank all statewide & local partners who sponsored Water Week events in local communities. Our statewide sponsors are , , and .

    Water Week logos

    View a map of Colorado's watershed basins and a list of statewide water resources.

    Community Screenings & Events

    Come enjoy whiskey and beer tastings, and experience the *NEW* one-hour special, Colorado Experience: Western Water and Power.  


    Feb 25, 6pm 
    Colorado Springs: ALMAGRE Venue + Bar 

    Whiskey Tasting, Colorado Experience: Western Water and Power *full screening*, water information tables. 
    Partners: Business for Water Stewardship, ALMAGRE Venue + Bar, Sterling Ranch, Ax and the Oak.



    Feb 25, 6pm 
    Gunnison: Western State CO University, University Center Theatre 
    Colorado Experience: Western Water and Power reception, *full screening* and Q&A. 
    CO Office of Film (host) 

    Partners: Business for Water Stewardship; the Colorado Office of Film, Television & Media. 


    Feb 26, 6:30pm 
    Pueblo: Walter's Brewery & Taproom 
    Beer Tasting / SIZZLE Reel & Colorado Experience: Western Water and Power *promo*, information tables.
    Partners: Business for Water Stewardship, Walter's Beer.



    Feb 26, 5:30pm 
    Grand JunctionEureka! McConnell Science Museum (on CMU Campus) 
    Whiskey & beer tasting, SIZZLE Reel & Colorado Experience: Western Water and Power *promo*, exhibiting community partners.
    Partners: Business for Water Stewardship, Eureka! McConnel Science Museum, Colorado River Water Conservation District, Ute Water, Audubon Rockies. 



     Feb 26, 6pm 
    Durango: Fort Lewis College Ballroom 
    Colorado Experience: Western Water and Power *full screening*, reception with beer, panel discussion.
    Partners: Four Corners Water Center, Business for Water Stewardship, Dolores Water Conservancy District; Southwestern Water Conservation District, City of Durango Utilities, US Bureau of Reclamation, Mountain Studies Institute, Water Information Program, H2org.


    Feb 26, 5:30pm 
    Montrose: Ute Indian Museum  
    Colorado Experience: Western Water and Power *full screening* and Q&A. 
    Partners: Business for Water Stewardship; the Colorado Office of Film, Television & Media.



    Feb 27, 6pm 
    Denver: Sterling Ranch Community Center in Littleton 
    Beer tasting, Colorado Experience: Western Water and Power *full screening*, exhibiting community partners. 
    Partners: Business for Water Stewardship, Sterling Ranch Colorado, Audubon Rockies, Grist Brewery, For the Love of Colorado.


    Feb 28, 5pm 
    Durango: Powerhouse Science Center 
    Whiskey & beer tasting, Colorado Experience: Western Water and Power *full screening*, exhibiting community partners.
    Partners: Business for Water Stewardship, Five Rivers Trout Unlimited, Beer2Clear, Steamworks Brewing 彩乐乐彩票网外围平台, Carver Brewing 彩乐乐彩票网外围平台, Honey House Distillery, Conservation Colorado, H2org.



    Broadcast Schedule: Thursday, February 27

    7pm - *NEW* Colorado Experience: Western Water---And Power
    Ever since Western settlers dreamed of deserts in bloom, men have chased the mirage of more water than these arid lands can provide. 

    8pm - Colorado Experience: Living West - Water
    What happened to the Puebloans of Mesa Verde and Crow Canyon? Historians discuss the possibility that this move might have been due to a drought in the Southwest region.

    8:30pm - Confluence
    The Colorado River shapes both the landscape of the American Southwest and the people living near its waters.

    9:30pm - Arkansas River: From Leadville to Lamar
    Arkansas River from Leadville to Lamar explores the economic and social importance of the river basin including its recreational, municipal, and agricultural value.

    Water Week logo

    Broadcast schedule, February 27:
    7pm - *NEW* Colorado Experience: Western Water - and Power
    8pm - Colorado Experience: Living West - Water
    8:30pm - Confluence
    9:30pm - Arkansas River: From Leadville to Lamar