The Caledonian Club was formed to promote Scottish Heritage in western Florida and to provide a social venue for anyone with Scottish Heritage or is interested in things Scottish

Caledonian Club Tartans


As promised I have begun publishing information, histories and other tidbits relating to the over 50 tartans owned by the CALEDONIAN CLUB OF FLORIDA WEST.

The first two tartans were also included in the newsletter and will be repeated here before continuing until all the tartans have been presented


Some of our long time members will remember that the Caledonian Club of Florida West was the sponsor of Sarasota’s sister city tie (twinning) with Dunfermline, Scotland – the ancient capital of Scotland whose old opera house is now the “mainstage” for our own Asolo Repertory Theatre here in town. The Sarasota Tartan was created for the ceremony of the “twinning” (or joining together) of the cities of Sarasota, Florida and Dunfermline, Scotland as “sister cities” in Sarasota, Florida in 2003 The design was approved by the authority on Tartans, the Lord Lyon of Scotland, thus, it cannot be copied without the permission of the Sarasota Sister Cities Association and the Sarasota City Commission. The colors of the Sarasota Tartan reflect the colors of each city; for Sarasota, TEAL, for the color of the water on which the city is located, and GOLD, for the sun which continually shines on that city. For Dunfermline the colors, selected by their city fathers, are RED and BLUE. The initial order of the material was 65 meters of 13 ounce (medium weight) wool, which, if used only to produce kilts, would have provided for 18 kilts. In addition to kilts commissioned for the two Sister City Directors and one Sarasota citizen, the Sarasota tartan kilt is also the official attire of the Pipe Band of the Sarasota Military Academy. The kilts and other materials originally ordered (ladies sashes, neckties, cummerbunds, and flags) were designed and produced in Scotland. Each city has their own director and together they work to create citizen exchanges in the arts, business, education, sports and government.

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