The Caledonian Club was formed to promote Scottish Heritage in western Florida and to provide a social venue for anyone with Scottish Heritage or is interested in things Scottish

The Caledonian Foundation

Caledonian Foundation Mission Statement


The mission of the Caledonian Foundation is to select and define each major project for which the Foundation will accept the primary responsibility for its funding and implementation. Projects selected should promote Scottish culture and heritage and/or enlighten the general public about the impact which Scots had on the founding and development of Sarasota and its environs. Projects for consideration should have the enthusiastic support of the members of the Caledonian Club of Florida West and are to be formally recommended to the Caledonian Foundation by the Club’s Board of Directors.


Definition and selection of any project would follow a thorough evaluation by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees to ensure at a minimum:

  • The project would be willingly received by the proposed recipient and would be approved by any regulatory authority.

  • The project can be structured to be in keeping with the By Laws of the Foundation.

  • The estimated costs of the project are clearly identified, can be budgeted and tracked and can be constrained to prevent overruns.

  • Each project is financially feasible recognizing that most of the funding will have to be raised through tax deductible donations from Caledonian Club Members.

  • Nothing related to the project would put at risk the Foundation’s status under Internal Revenue Service’s regulations governing 501(c)3 (not for profit) and 509(a) (1) (Public Charity).

  • It can be reasonably expected that the project would receive media coverage favorable to the Caledonian Club and/or the Caledonian Foundation.

Rational Behind the Mission Statement

  • Accepts that primary reason for the Foundation is to provide a vehicle to fund projects through tax deductible contributions from Caledonian Club Members and other individuals as well as from other organizations, businesses etc.

  • Recognizes that in the future (as in the past) most of the contributions must come from Club Members.

  • Aims to build a mutually supportive relationship between the Club and the Foundation. It does limit the Foundation’s totally independent right to create and fund projects without support from the Club.

  • Projects conceived by the Foundation would need to go to the Club Board for its approval and support. But as a practical reality, if the club’s members through its Board do not support a project, raising funds would be a daunting task.

  • Structuring projects to comply with Foundation bylaws would be ensured through the Evaluation Process outlined above.

  • The Evaluation Process would be publicized to the Club Members and its Board. A decision to reject a project would be formally conveyed to the Club Board with an explanation of the Foundation’s reasons for rejection.




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