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The Rededication of the Statuary

(Or Where Did Those Stones Come From?)

Our Memorial StatuaryIn 1985 The City of Glasgow presented The City of Sarasota a gift to mark the hundredth anniversary of the Scottish settler’s arrival in Sarasota Bay and their subsequent building of a permanent settlement. The gift consisted of a number of stones taken from a church in Glasgow, which was scheduled for demolition. The stones were subsequently used to create piece of statuary as  memorial for the Centennial Celebration.

After some research, it is highly likely that the stones came from the Great Wellington Wesleyan Chapel (also referred to as Admiral Street Wesleyan Chapel).  The church was located at 20-24, Admiral Street in Glasgow. It was built between 1870 and 1871 and designed by notable Glasgow architect, John Honeyman.  The first services were held on August 6, 1871.  In its latter days, the church was used as an Auction Hall. It was unfortunately Burnt down in 1985.  the Glaswegians I corresponded with were pleased to see  that somebody had the foresight to salvage part of the features.  Kinning Park Medical Centre stands on the site now.


Thanks to Chris, from Urban Glasgow, who responded to my post in the the Forum Urban Glasgow.  

Thanks to Glaswegian, Lynn, who responded to my query on the Facebook Scottish /Alba Genealogy Group

Links to Photos of the Church

Glasgow, 22-24 Admiral Street, Methodist Church

Admiral Street Methodist Church Photo

Thanks to an Urban Glasgow member for the link to the photo 0f the fire.

The Centennial Celebration newspaper article was from the “Boca Raton News” of November 4, 1985.



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